Welcome to Suplidora del Sur

Suplidora del Sur, S.A. is a company with more than 9 years of experience in the international trade. Sales are made to different countries of the American continent, with special emphasis in Venezuela, where we make institutional and private sector operations, adapted to the punctual demands of our clients. The company covers the market of: exports, marketing, integration-assembly of special vehicles, supply of spare parts for machinery, tires, accumulators, supply of construction and mining equipment, among others.


International presence

Active presence in Panama, Venezuela, Belize, the United States, Chile and Brazil.



Excellent international logistics, in order that goods and vehicles or machinery, do not suffer any type of damage.


Safe driving

Timely and planned delivery, respecting the agreements, arrangements and established times.



We can provide temporary or permanent warehouses or deposits for your merchandise during the importing process.

Mission and vision

Mission: To become a leading company in the supply of special vehicles, machinery parts, cargo vehicles, tires, accumulators, construction and mining equipment, all according to the specific needs of our customers, satisfying their needs and providing the best care to make a difference in the market.

Vision: Achieve the positioning of the company and the different brands we represent throughout Latin America, based on the strictest quality standards and covering the most specific needs of our customers.

Fulfilled projects

Characteristics that differentiate us

24/7 Customer Service

A team of professionals who will give an immediate response to the client's needs

Excellent Cargo Logistics

Professional loading and unloading logistics to avoid any type of damage

+9 Years in the Market

Our 9 years of experience have allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the best companies in the sector